The tourism and travel is one of the vital activities that we practice as people to purpose an exploring a new places and location, Or to break routine and living a interesting life experiences and adventures, or even just for fun and entertainment; tourism remains one of the most important things that we must try it from time to time, Where we find inner peace and opportunity to contemplation in picturesque nature, and even tourism can be an opportunity to exploration and visit archaeological and heritage areas Beside attend entertainment events and festivals, Plus to give it chances to meet a new people from different cultures and countries and able to make long-term friendships and connections.
And Saudi Arabia considered as one of the most prominent tourist destinations in world, which visited by millions of tourists from different countries every year, for largest potentials tourism that Saudi Arabia have it with cultural, heritage, religious and natural dimensions, not to mention its entertainment activities, parties and bright festivals, that what makes it the favorite destination for tourists who thinking about spending a pleasant tourist journey, stimulating and filled with adventure and new experiences, so if you resolve your matter and decide to live this experience, here are the best 5 tourist locations in Saudi Arabia you have to visit it to enhance your tourism experience and spend fun time and live unforgettable memories.

  1. Mecca & Al Madinah:
    There is no doubt that Mecca and Madinah are one of the most important prominent landmarks regions in Saudi Arabia , which include the religious monuments represented in the “Bayt allah alharam” and “Kaaba al mshrfa” in addition to the Mosque of the Messenger of God (our God bless and grant him peace), And other sacred spots such as Mount of Arafa, Mount of Uhud, Al-Safa & Al-Marwa and Quba Mosque, in addition to containing the heritage and cultural monuments represented in effects of Islamic civilization and what is there before, which are manifested in these holy places, Your visit to Mecca and Madinah is far from being just a trip or a tourist visit, but it a religious duty and a moral and cultural imposition on every Muslim, to stand before greatness of God and contemplate His blessings and capabilities and learn about His rituals and sanctities.
  2. The capital Riyadh
    The capital, Riyadh, is one of the bigger cities in Saudi Arabia and most attractive areas for tourists due to its tourism and recreational activities, Because its celebrations, which sometimes extend throughout the year, The city also includes a constellation of markets and commercial centers addition to malls, shops, hotels and famous high-end restaurants, and the most characteristic of Riyadh its there development and modern architecture that combines between beautiful of past arts and genius of the present together to form a shining jewel and a unique tourist experience worth living.
    addition to what mentioned before, Riyadh enjoys a festive atmosphere, festivals and huge events, so if you loved fan of bustling celebrations and seasonal entertainment festivals, then Riyadh is the perfect destination for your vacation, where you will find all that and more; Through a series of sequential celebrations, there also “Riyadh season” that city been in the best its shape.
  3. Jazan region:
    its one of the most prominent and most charming tourist areas in Saudi Arabia in terms of the charming nature and the natural diversity of animals and plants. The region is located in the southwest of Saudi Arabia Beside the Red Sea, and its famous for moderate climate, turquoise waters, thick greenish forests, addition to towering rocky mountains, jazan region also competes most prominent tourist destinations and regions around the world due to beauty of nature in it and its manifestation in best forms.
    You can start your journey in jazan by heading east towards to “Al-Faifa” mountains when you can see the mountain, take great souvenir photos, and practice mountain climbing and other activities, then you can go to the “Farasan” Islands, which far 40 kilometers from region, to see archipelago chain and coasts of Rumaila located along the Red Sea, addition to natural coral reefs that have not been reached by human hands.
  4. Yanbu city:
    Which gained her fame and name Relative to largest springs of water in it, While the number of springs about 370 spring, and considered as one of the best tourist places in Saudi Arabia because contain’s hotels, restaurants and tourist resorts, addition to a mixture of picturesque nature and genius of planning; To offer you an unforgettable tourist experience.
    The city is located within areas bordering Red Sea, so you can swim and sit on beaches or twist inside the resorts overlooking the sea shores. also yanbu contains one of the largest parks in Saudi Arabia, which is the “al-fayruz” recreational park, which is visited by many tourists from inside and outside country.
  5. Madain Saleh:
    Authenticity and heritage are an integral part of tourism in Saudi Arabia, and tourist trips are become incomplete if there have not visited to heritage monuments, For Saudi Arabia, Madain Saleh or “Al-Hajar” City as it is called represent one of the archaeological symbols dating back to a very ancient historical era, which contributed In making this area focus attention of tourists from all over world to see the ancient buildings and castles located there, and this Location also first archaeological tourist site in the Saudi Arabia to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.